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New Therapies Are Changing the Outlook for Advanced Melanoma

melanoma  skin cancer  immunotherapy  targeted therapy  checkpoint inhibitor  PD-1  CTLA-4  BRAF  MEK  vemurafenib  dabrafenib  trametinib  ipilimumab  pembrolizumab 

An article about a host of new treatment options that have been produced in the last several years for patients with the skin cancer melanoma.

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Vaccine Therapy for Unresectable Chordoma

vaccine  immunotherapy  chordoma 

In this phase II clinical trial, adult patients with inoperable chordoma who are scheduled to undergo radiation therapy will be randomly assigned to receive a yeast-based vaccine that targets a protein called brachyury or a placebo injection.

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Biological Therapies for Cancer

cancer  treatment  vaccines  therapy  therapies  biological  immune system  immunotherapy  monoclonal  gene  interferons  interleukin-2  IL-2  antibodies  immunomodulating  7.2  bacillus Calmet-GuĂ©rin  cytokines  hematopoietic growth factors  oncolytic virus 

A fact sheet that provides an overview of how the immune system functions and describes the actions of biological therapies.

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Targeted Cancer Therapies

cancer  treatment  therapy  therapies  angiogenesis  targeted  trials  7.49  antibody  apoptosis  immunotherapy  inhibitor  kinase  molecular  monoclonal  precision  Ras  signal  targets  VEGF 

A fact sheet that describes targeted cancer therapies, which are drugs that interfere with specific molecules involved in cancer cell growth and survival.

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