Digital Media Syndication

Health Content for Websites, Apps, and Social Media

We have created an easy way for public health partners to access our federally produced digital resources --  including web content, images, video, data, infographics, and more – for use on in their website, apps, and social media. Syndication allows our science-based resources to be combined with information at state and local levels, and helps coordinate health messaging for maximum impact.

Content and Media Syndication Sites

Open Source

HHS Content Services Workgroup

This workgroup is a collaboration of agencies under HHS and other federal partners who are working to realize the vision of digital media syndication where public health information is credibly sourced, instantly updated, and delivered when and where consumers want it.  Members actively share knowledge and experiences to set strategy, align digital infrastructures, expand product development, and coordinate outreach to public health partners.

The Workgroup hosts bi-weekly calls and quarterly in-person meetings. Contact us for more information and also feel free to check us out on the HHS Content Services Yammer Group.

Collaboration Factsheet

Watch How it Works!

Promotional Materials

These factsheets and posters are used at conferences and presentations about the HHS digital media syndication project, and are geared toward external partners including state and local health departments, non-profit organizations, and commercial organizations.