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Bladder Infection (Urinary Tract Infection) in Adults

prevention  symptoms  treatment  adults  antibiotics  therapy  diagnosis  Diagnostic Tests  Urologic Diseases  Urinary Tract Infection  Urinary Tract Infections  general public  cystitis  UTI  bladder infection  bladder infection symptoms  painful urination  bladder infection treatment  bladder infection diet 

An overview of bladder infection in adults, which is a type of urinary tract infection. Describes symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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screening  breast  diagnosis  mammograms  mammography  BSE  self-exam  DCIS  digital  MQSA  overdiagnosis  overtreatment  false-negative  false-positive  5.28  mammogram  diagnostic  implants  BI-RADS  3-D 

A fact sheet that defines screening and diagnostic mammograms; discusses the benefits and potential harms of screening mammography; and summarizes how findings, including breast density, are reported.

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Tumor Markers

risk  testing  screening  ovarian  diagnosis  laboratory  chance  tumor  prostate  staging  markers  targeted  PSA  detection  follow-up  marker  5.18  CA 125  Prostate-Specific  American Society of Clinical Oncology 

A fact sheet that defines tumor markers and describes how they can be used to aid diagnosis and treatment.

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Concerns Regarding a New Culture Method for Borreliaburgdorferi Not Approved for the Diagnosis of Lyme Disease

disease  lyme  method  regarding  diagnosis  concerns  culture  borreliaburgdorferi  approved 

Christina Nelson, MD1, Sally Hojvat, PhD2, Barbara Johnson, PhD1, Jeannine Petersen, PhD1, Marty Schriefer, PhD1, C. Ben Beard, PhD1, Lyle Petersen, MD1, Paul Mead, MD1 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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Diagnosis and Screening for Obesity-Related Conditions AmongChildren and Teens Receiving Medicaid - Maryland, 2005-2010

teens  maryland  receiving  screening  conditions  medicaid  diagnosis  obesityrelated  amongchildren 

Lee Hurt, DrPH1,2, Cheryl De Pinto, MD2, Johnna Watson2, Marti Grant, MA2, Julie Gielner3 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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TB - Fact Sheets - BCG Vaccine

CDC  tuberculosis  mycobacterium  screening  tb  diagnosis  tests  questions and answers  t.b.  t b  t.b  dtbe  USA  division of tuberculosis elimination  tb control  prevention of tb  what is tb disease  for patients  for health professionals  medical authories 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Tuberculosis Elimination

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