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For Educators

health  research  science  environment  lesson plans  interviews with scientists  storybooks  toxicology  demonstration  teacher  teach  teaching  training programs for educators 

Looking for some resources to help you teach kids about environmental health? Here are some good sources for lesson plans, activities, educational materials, and more.

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lead  health  research  science  environment  michigan  cardiovascular  water  kidney  Infertility  environmental agents  lead exposure  ntp  gas  toxicology  IQ  Flint  paint  metal  nerve 

Lead is a naturally occurring metal found deep within the ground. It occurs in small amounts in ore, along with other elements such as silver, zinc or copper.

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cancer  formaldehyde  health  research  science  environment  house  occupational  carcinogen  environmental agents  ntp  toxicology  flooring  floor  particleboard  furniture  paneling  cabinets  preservative  hair smoothing 

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical widely used to make home building products.

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ATSDR's Toxic Substances Portal | CDC Features

toxic  exposure  ATSDR  substances  web  portal  CDC Features  toxicology  toxic substances  chemical spill  hazardous chemicals 

ATSDR's Toxic Substances Web Portal makes it easy for researchers and citizens to find information about toxic chemicals and related health effects. Learn how toxic substances can affect health and how to prevent exposure.

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