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Which Policies Apply to My Research?

research  policies  apply 

NIH has a variety of sharing policies in place for research that it funds. This tool will assist in helping you determine which of the following NIH policies apply to a particular project.

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Early Stage Investigator Policies

policies  stage  investigator 

This page provides information on the NIH Next Generation Researchers Initiative policies that support early-stage investigators (ESIs).

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Announcement: Recommendations Regarding Education Programsand Policies to Promote Health Equity - Community PreventiveServices Task Force

education  health  community  policies  recommendations  equity  announcement  regarding  preventiveservices  task  force  programsand  promote 

The Community Preventive Services Task Force posted new information about two recommendations on its website: 1) Promoting Health Equity Through Education Programs and Policies: High School Completion Programs, available at http://www.thecommunityguide.org/healthequity/education/highschoolcompletion.

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