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Black cohosh: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals

cough  fever  pain  pneumonia  dietary supplement  menopause  hot flashes  night sweats  irritability  estrogen  reproductive health  labor  supplement  Tinnitus  Vertigo  follicle-stimulating hormone  vaginal dryness  buttercup  snakeroot  black bugbane 

Find out what black cohosh is,what it does in your body, and about black cohosh supplements.

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pregnancy  pain  uterus  endometriosis  period  womb  menstruation 

Learn about endometriosis from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Perineal Injury in Males

pain  bleeding  infection  patients  pressure  construction  trauma  Patient Care Management  Information Resources  genital  agricultural  Urologic Diseases  Urinary Tract  Urethra  Urinary Incontinence  Erectile Dysfunction  Urologic Trauma  Bike Riding  Bladder Control  general public 

Perineal injuries can lead to bladder control problems or erectile dysfunction in males. Learn about the different types of injuries and how to prevent them.

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Exercising with Pain

exercise  pain  chronic pain  lower back pain  exercising with pain  acute pain 

Learn about exercising with pain including preventing lower back pain and ways to be active with both acute and chronic pain.

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Adaptation of an Evidence-Based Arthritis Program for BreastCancer Survivors on Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy Who ExperienceJoint Pain

cancer  public health  exercise  arthritis  CDC  pain  chronic disease  health promotion  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  Preventing Chronic Disease Journal  National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  NCCDPHP 

Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal established by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. PCD provides an open exchange of information and knowledge among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and others who strive to improve the health of the public through chronic disease prevention.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | Impact of the Arthritis Foundation™s Walk With Ease Program on Arthritis Symptoms in African Americans - CDC

exercise  arthritis  CDC  pain  walking  fatigue  osteoarthritis  joints  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  health care disparities  African Americans  Pain Management  Behavioral Research  Pain Measurement 

Inadequate program design and lack of access to evidence-based programs are major barriers to the management of chronic diseases such as arthritis, particularly for African Americans. This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk With Ease Program (WWE) in a subsample of African Americans who were part of a larger study that established evidence of the program’s efficacy.

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Cervical Cancer Symptoms

cancer  symptoms  pain  bleeding  cervical  pressure  pelvic  basic information  rash  sore  discharge  abdominal  bloating  burning  itching  wart 

A list of possible cervical cancer symptoms.

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5 Things To Know About Chronic Low-Back Pain and Complementary Health Practices

alternative  tips  pain  complementary  integrative  chronic pain  low-back pain 

Low-back pain is a very common condition, but often the cause is unknown. Most people have significant acute back pain at least once in their lives. Usually it resolves on its own without specific treatment.

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