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Stroke risk factors you can control: Behaviors

smoking  stroke  alcohol  stress  physical activity  women's health  eating habits  drug use  lifestyle changes 

Slideshow of lifestyle changes women can make to lower their risk for stroke.

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Heart disease risk factors you can control: Behaviors

heart  smoking  behaviors  alcohol  stress  physical activity  heart disease  women's health  eating habits  heart health 

Slideshow of steps women can take to lower their risk for heart disease.

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Epilepsy in Veterans | CDC Features

epilepsy  stress  seizures  distress  psychological  trauma  mental health  CDC Features  veterans  military  soldiers  veterans day  va  veterans administration  ptsd tbi  pines 

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and November 11 is Veterans Day. Veterans are at higher risk of developing epilepsy. Learn more about resources to help Veterans and families.

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Caregivers and Exercise—Take Time for Yourself

health  exercise  care  stress  energy  caregiver  time  active  Workout 

Learn how exercise and being active can help you as a caregiver. Taking time for a workout and to care for yourself helps reduce stress and increases energy.

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12 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Season | CDC Features

flu  health  exercise  food  safety  children  vaccination  kids  tobacco  smoke  winter  screenings  holiday  nutrition  cold  weather  prepare  stress  vaccinations  management 

Take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Problem-Solving Intervention Addressing Barriers to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Behaviors in 3 Underserved Populations: Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia, 2009 - CDC

anxiety  CDC  stress  cardiovascular disease  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  Medically Underserved  Risk Reduction Behavior  Health Knowledge 

In low-income and underserved populations, financial hardship and multiple competing roles and responsibilities lead to difficulties in lifestyle change for cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention. To improve CVD prevention behaviors, we adapted, pilot-tested, and evaluated a problem-solving intervention designed to address barriers to lifestyle change.

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Plants: Partners in Health? Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and You

stress  gardening  nutritional  plants 

Is there anything more delicious and nutritious than vine-ripened tomatoes, just-harvested peaches and corn, or fresh herbs and spices? Growing your own edible plants—whether in a backyard garden or a few pots on your windowsill—can be fun, rewarding, and healthful.

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The Role of Glucocorticoid Receptor SNPs in Receptor Function and Metabolic Disease

health  research  science  arthritis  diabetes  environment  north carolina  clinical  study  stress  patient  dexamethasone  metabolic disease  glucocorticoid receptor snps  volunteer  hormones  clinical study  recruitment  open study  Durham 

NIEHS researchers theorize that changes in the surface proteins of cells called receptors may predispose people to diseases, such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.

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