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VAPING 101: What's Being Done?

Health experts are concerned about youth vaping because these products are dangerous, and teens are becoming addicted. Approximately 1 in 22 middle schoolers currently use e⁠-⁠cigarettes. Health officials continue to crack down on illegal sales to minors and hold retailers and manufacturers accountable for marketing practices. The goal: to reduce the number of teens exposed to the health hazards of vaping.

Stay Safe

Some middle schoolers say they vape because their friends do—either to feel cool or because they're afraid to say "no". The best way to reduce your exposure to the health hazards of vaping is to say "no". What would you do if another kid offered you an e-cigarette? Here are three ways to handle the pressure—and stay safe.

  • Say "No, thanks," or "Nah, that's not my thing."
  • Make a joke or change the topic.
  • Say you're supposed to be somewhere and walk away.
  • Talk to a friend, parent, or trusted adult.