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Teach Youth About the Harms of Vaping Nicotine

Browse science-based, standards-mapped classroom resources created by FDA's Center for Tobacco Products that aim to prevent vaping among middle and high school students. Choose from interactive quizzes, school-wide surveys, and creative advertising messages.

Lesson Plans

Find complete standards-mapped lesson plans for instruction in class or online, including student activities that are ready to share with evaluation guidelines. See fact-based print and download materials that educate students about the health risks of vaping.

illustrated profile of head with gears inside

Teens and Vaping: The Real Health Consequences

Help your students understand the health impacts associated with using e⁠-⁠cigarettes.
person icon 6th - 12th Grade
time icon 50 Minutes

illustration of a magnifying glass and a document

Vaping Research Project

Help students spread the word about the health consequences of e⁠-⁠cigarette use by designing and conducting a survey at school.
person icon 6th - 12th Grade
time icon 40 Minutes

illustration of a person watching a video

Sizing Up E⁠-⁠Cigarette Marketing

Encourage students to uncover the misleading ways e⁠-⁠cigarettes are marketed to teens.
person icon 6th - 12th Grade
time icon 45 Minutes

illustration of an open magazine

The Risks of Vaping Magazine

Students will analyze the magazine and other informational texts to learn about the risks of vaping and then take what they learn and creatively teach their peers about these dangers.
person icon 6th - 12th Grade
time icon 60 Minutes

Conversation Starters: Videos and Blog Posts

Don't have time in your curriculum for a full lesson plan? FDA has produced short videos and informative blog posts about how to help teens understand the dangers of vaping nicotine.