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Smoking Cessation Education Posters

Support adult smokers on their journey to quit.

Poster titled Last time I quit smoking, I got closer to finishing the job.
Poster titled Quitting Takes Practice, Keep Trying!
Poster titled You didn't fail at quitting smoking. You're just not done yet.
Poster titled Dejar el cigarrillo no es un proceso perfecto.

Evidence-Based Print Materials, Web Content, and Video for Your Organization

The Tobacco Education Resource Library, from FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, provides tobacco education resources. This site offers digital and print content for state and local health officials, nonprofit organizations, and schools to support public outreach efforts.

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Order Free Print Materials

Tobacco prevention posters, flyers, and other items available for download or order.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, FDA's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) remains committed to supporting our peers in public health, health care, industry, and education by providing science-based information about the regulation of tobacco products.

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