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The A1C Test & Race/Ethnicity

gallstones  african  patients  anemia  red blood cells  Diagnostic Tests  Blood Glucose  blood disorder  sickle cell disease  african american  asian  hispanic  variant  hemoglobin  blood sugar  A1C  hypoglycemia  hyperglycemia  diabetes test  A1C Test 

Overview of hemoglobin variants that can affect A1C test results, and how to ensure your diabetes is well controlled if you have one of these variants.

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Progress Toward Measles Preelimination - African Region,2011-2012

measles  progress  african  toward  preelimination  region 

Balcha G. Masresha, MD1, Reinhard Kaiser, MD2, Messeret Eshetu, MD2, Reggis Katsande, MBA1, Richard Luce, MD3, Amadou Fall, MD4, Annick R.G.

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Celebrate African American History Month | CDC Features

prevention  features  CDC  history  african  american  month  heart disease  african american  Million Hearts  Black History Month  heritage 

This February celebrate African American History Month and Heart Health Month. Learn about how heart disease impacts African Americans, the Million Hearts initiative, and how to improve your heart health.

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The Surprising Truth About Prediabetes | CDC Features

health  features  diabetes  power  prevent  CDC  americans  african  helping  type 2 diabetes  CDC Features  healthy living  Losing Weight  eat right  prediabetes  healthy resolutions  weight loss and diabetes  diabetes prevention  preventing diabetes  dibetes risk 

Prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by learning your risk factors, eating right, becoming more physically active, losing a modest amount of weight, and managing stress. You can make a healthy change today.

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Differences Between HIV-Infected Men and Women inAntiretroviral Therapy Outcomes - Six African Countries,2004-2012

women  outcomes  men  differences  between  hivinfected  inantiretroviral  therapy  african  countries 

Persons using assistive technology might not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, please send e-mail to: mmwrq@cdc.gov.

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