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Assessment of Varicella Surveillance and Outbreak ControlPractices - United States, 2012

assessment  states  surveillance  outbreak  varicella  controlpractices 

Adriana S. Lopez, MHS1, Meredith Lichtenstein, MPH2, D. Scott Schmid, PhD1, Stephanie Bialek, MD1 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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WHO Global Rotavirus Surveillance Network: A StrategicReview of the First 5 Years, 2008-2012

global  who  years  network  surveillance  rotavirus  strategicreview 

Mary M. Agócs, MD1, Fatima Serhan, PhD1, Catherine Yen, MD2,3, Jason M. Mwenda, MD4, Lúcia H.

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National Capacity for Surveillance, Prevention, and Controlof West Nile Virus and Other Arbovirus Infections - United States,2004 and 2012

prevention  virus  infections  states  national  surveillance  capacity  controlof  west  nile  arbovirus 

James L. Hadler, MD1, Dhara Patel, MPH2, Kristy Bradley, DVM3, James M. Hughes, MD4, Carina Blackmore, DVM5, Paul Etkind, DrPH6, Lilly Kan, MPH6, Jane Getchell, DrPH7, James Blumenstock, MA8, Jeffrey Engel, MD2 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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