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Birth Defects - Facts

facts  pregnancy  CDC  birth  defects  Birth Defects  Down Syndrome  heart defects  preconception care  National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities  developmental disabilities 

CDC works to identify causes of birth defects and opportunities to prevent them. By applying a public health approach incorporating three essential elements—surveillance or disease tracking, research to identify causes, and prevention research and programs—we can rapidly translate scientific findings into appropriate public health interventions.

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Tobacco Facts and Figures

facts  tobacco  figures 

Get the facts and statistics about smoking and tobacco use on BeTobaccoFree.gov.

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Mental Health Myths and Facts

facts  health  myths  mental 

Think mental health problems don’t affect you? Find out if you’re wrong. Learn the facts about the most common mental health myths.

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Facts About Bullying

facts  bullying 

Reporters and other content creators need the facts quickly. This section pulls together fundamental information about bullying you can use to build your pieces, including:.

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Facts About Bullying for Kids

facts  bullying  stop bullying  facts about bullying  facts about bullying for kids  info about bullying 

Find out what bullying means at StopBullying.gov.

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