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HPV and Pap Testing

vaccination  vaccines  HPV  testing  screening  cervical  papillomavirus  pap  bethesda  ASCUS  CIN  LSIL  HSIL  SIL  detection  cotesting  dysplasia  pelvic  5.16 

Pap tests detect abnormal cervical cells, including precancerous cervical lesions, as well as early cervical cancers. HPV tests detect HPV infections that can cause cervical cell abnormalities. Learn how Pap and HPV tests are done, how often testing should be done, and how are HPV test results are reported.

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccines

virus  risk  vaccines  CDC  HPV  human  cervical  papillomavirus  pap  FDA  genital  warts  papillomaviruses  4.21 

A fact sheet about human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines for the prevention of infection with certain types of HPV, which is the major cause of cervical cancer.

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Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents,2007-2013, and Postlicensure Vaccine Safety Monitoring, 2006-2014 -United States

safety  vaccination  vaccine  states  coverage  among  monitoring  human  adolescents  papillomavirus  postlicensure 

Shannon Stokley, MPH1, Jenny Jeyarajah, MS1, David Yankey, MS1, Maria Cano, MD2, Julianne Gee, MPH2, Jill Roark, MPH3, C. Robinette Curtis, MD1, Lauri Markowitz, MD4 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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