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Smoking can cause plaque buildup in your arteries, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Learn more about how smoking can affect your heart: via @FDATobacco.

Heart Health: Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

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Drawing Conclusions

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Smokers aren’t just putting themselves at risk. Secondhand smoke can harm those around them, including pets. #Smoking #Cigarettes #Cigs

Sad Pets: Dogs

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If you smoke, you’re doing real damage to your arteries and heart. #Smoking #Cigarettes #Cigs

Body Facts: Heart

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The facts about lung cancer and smoking couldn’t be clearer. #Smoking #Cigarettes #Cigs

Body Facts: Lungs

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Smoking cigarettes accelerates skin aging and can lead to early wrinkles, making you look old before your time. #Smoking #Cigarettes #Cigs

Body Facts: Wrinkles

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It’s a fact that every cigarette a smoker consumes increases the risk for cancer. #Smoking #Cigarettes #Cigs

Every Cigarette Loop

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Fact Pack: Formaldehyde

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Fact Pack: 7,000 Chemicals

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Fact Pack: Lung Damage

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