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About the CTP Tobacco Education Resource Library

The Tobacco Education Resource Library, run by the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, provides free print materials and web content aimed at communicating the dangers of tobacco use. In the Tobacco Education Resource Library, you can:

1) Order and download print materials

We will mail print materials, including posters and flyers, directly to you. You will not be charged for the materials or for shipping and handling. Some print materials can also be downloaded.

2) Syndicate website content

The Tobacco Education Resource Library allows you to "syndicate" or place web content from FDA's Center for Tobacco Products on your website. You can embed the following types of content:

When FDA updates embedded web content, the updates automatically appear on your site, ensuring that all content stays up to date. Just select the content you want, embed it on your site, and let FDA handle the rest!

3) Download images to share on social media

You can download images to save and post on Facebook and Instagram.

Need help?

It is our goal to provide these materials to you in an easy and effective manner so that you can join us in communicating the dangers of tobacco use. If you have questions or need assistance using the Tobacco Education Resource Library, please contact us.