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Child Passenger Safety | Vital Signs

children  booster seats  crashes  car seats  Motor vehicle deaths  Child passenger restraints  and seat belts 

CDC Vital Signs links science, policy, and communications with the intent of communicating a call-to-action for the public. CDC Vital Signs provides the most recent, comprehensive data on key indicators of important health topics.

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Safe Teen Driving | CDC Features

CDC Features  crashes  teen drivers  young drivers 

CDC's Injury Center is committed to preventing teen crashes and related deaths and injuries.

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Drowsy Driving: Asleep at the Wheel | CDC Features

safety  features  CDC  medication  alcohol  drowsy  driving  asleep  wheel  sleep  fatigue  traffic  sleep disorders  CDC Features  drowsy driving  sleepy driving  drivers  drowsiness  crashes  shift workers 

Drive alert! Learn the risks of drowsy driving and how to protect yourself.

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