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How to Find a Disease Specialist

genetics  clinical trials  healthcare providers  genetic counseling  healthcare professionals  researchers  rare diseases  Genetic Disease 

Many individuals want to know about healthcare professionals or researchers who have knowledge of their conditions. When a condition is rare, it can be difficult to find someone who has seen many cases. Although there is no list of experts in rare diseases, the guidelines below include several ways to identify healthcare professionals who have experience with a particular condition.

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Bring Your Brave Campaign - General "Take Action"

cancer  prevention  risk  CDC  breast  ovarian  breastfeeding  breast cancer  family history  genetic counseling  genetic testing  young women  Healthy Weight  Bring Your Brave  inherited risk  gene mutation  inherited mutations 

Knowing your cancer risk and being proactive about your health may help you take steps to lower your risk for getting breast or ovarian cancer, or find it at an early stage.

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Genetic Counseling and Testing

cancer  hereditary  breast  genes  genetic counseling  genetic testing  young women  early onset  BRCA  mutations 

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends that women with specific patterns of breast, ovarian, tubal, or peritoneal cancer in their family history consider genetic counseling and testing for BRCA gene mutations.

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Does Breast or Ovarian Cancer Run in Your Family? | CDC Features

cancer  women  CDC  hereditary  breast  ovarian  genomics  genetics  breast cancer  ovarian cancer  CDC Features  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  family history  family health history  genetic counseling  hereditary risk  genetic testing  BRCA genes  Office of Public Health Genomics  OPHG 

If you have close relatives with breast or ovarian cancer, you may be at higher risk for developing these diseases. Does your family health history put you at higher risk? Would you benefit from cancer genetic counseling and testing?

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