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Lactose intolerance

milk  Lactose Intolerance  Women’s health  dairy products  milk allergy  lactose tablet 

Lactose intolerance means that you have trouble digesting foods with lactose, the natural sugar found in milk.

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Food allergies

eggs  milk  food poisoning  shellfish  irritable bowel syndrome  Lactose Intolerance  food allergies  epinephrine  Women’s health  fish  peanuts  tree nuts  wheat  soybeans  anaphylaxis 

In a food allergy, your immune system reacts to a certain food or ingredient as if it were harmful.

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Staying healthy and safe

diabetes  pregnancy  smoking  alcohol  women's health  oral health  pelvic floor  Lactose Intolerance  healthy eating  vitamins  healthy pregnancy  food safety  Substance Abuse  weight gain  PKU  minerals  caffeine  calorie needs  vegetarian  fish facts 

Learn tips for staying healthy and safe during pregnancy, including calorie needs and healthy foods for mom and baby from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Irritable bowel syndrome

colon  women's health  irritable bowel syndrome  Constipation  Abdominal pain  Diarrhea  Lactose Intolerance  Colonoscopy  bloating  cramping  large intenstine 

Learn about irritable bowel syndrome from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Calcium: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals

osteoporosis  food  nutrition  dietary supplement  Calcium  Lactose Intolerance  vitamin D  fact sheet  minerals  RDA  bone health  hypercalcemia  hypocalcemia  health professional 

Recommended intakes and sources of calcium, effects of deficiency and excess, groups at risk of inadequacy, and interactions with medications.

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Lactose Intolerance

digestive system diseases  symptoms  milk  therapy  patients  nutrition  diet  Digestive Diseases  Diagnostic Tests  Diarrhea  Food Labeling  Lactase  Lactase Deficiency  Calcium  Ethnic Groups  Digestion  Lactose Intolerance  vitamin D  gas  health professionals 

Read about symptoms and management of lactose intolerance, a condition in which you have digestive symptoms after you consume foods or drinks that have lactose.

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Chronic Diarrhea in Children

infections  irritable bowel syndrome  Digestive Diseases  Diarrhea  Functional GI disorder  Crohns Disease  Celiac Disease  Inflammatory Bowel Disease  Ulcerative Colitis  dietary fructose intolerance  Lactose Intolerance  food allergies  toddlers diarrhea  chronic diarrhea  general public 

Defines chronic diarrhea and discusses causes, possible complications, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic diarrhea in children.

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