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Nutrition for Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

children  infants  sodium  patients  nutrition  diet  Protein  Kidney Disease  eating plan  energy  potassium  Fluids  Kidneys  dialysis  chronic kidney disease  CKD  calories  Diet Nutrition  Phosphorus  appetite 

Children with chronic kidney disease who eat the right foods can prevent or delay other health problems. Find out more about nutrition if your child has CKD.

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What is Kidney Failure?

patients  depression  complications  sleep  employment  malnutrition  anemia  physical activity  heart disease  Kidney Disease  health professionals  kidney failure  Social Support  health care team  jobs  kidney failure treatment  Kidney failure symptoms  working with kidney failure  Americans with Disabilities Act  itchy skin 

Learn about living with kidney failure—symptoms, complications, treatment options, how to cope, and how your health care team and friends can help.

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