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Healthy Living with Diabetes

diabetes  anxiety  patients  depression  sleep  physical activity  mental health  Resistance Training  diabetes meal plan  Diet Nutrition  Diabetes eating  plate method  carb counting  aerobic exercise  stretching  Weight Management  carbohydrates counting  balance exercises  exercise and low blood sugar  exercise and high blood sugar 

A healthy lifestyle can help you manage your diabetes, as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Start small and work with your health care team.

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Food Portions: Choosing Just Enough for You

patients  weight loss  Food Labeling  nutrients  Losing Weight  food portions  trans fat  saturated fat  Healthy Weight  eating out  calories  Portion control  Diet Nutrition  Weight Management  Weight Control Health Living  weight control  maintaining weight  managing weight  serving  food serving 

For a healthy weight, learn to read a Nutrition Facts label, understand how portions and servings differ, and choose the right amount of food for you.

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