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Take Caution When Bats Are Near | CDC Features

ebola  features  virus  CDC  histoplasmosis  rabies  take  caution  bats  CDC Features  hemorraghic fever  marburg 

Bats play an important role in our ecosystem. However, they are also associated with diseases deadly to humans. Learn how you can stay safe when bats are near.

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Take Care of Your Heart this Valentine's Day | CDC Features

features  heart  day  CDC  care  stroke  take  valentine  heart disease  heart attack  CDC Features  Million Hearts  African-American Health  community health  heart health  CTG  Community Transformation Grants  REACH Program 

Learn how the CDC is working with communities across the country to help raise awareness of heart health, particularly among higher-risk populations.

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Alcohol and Pregnancy: Why Take the Risk? | CDC Features

features  pregnant  women  pregnancy  risk  CDC  drinking  alcohol  take  CDC Features  fetal alcohol spectrum disorders  fetal alcohol síndrome 

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. How much do you know about alcohol use during pregnancy? Take our quiz to find out.

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