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For Specific Groups - Tips From Former Smokers - Smoking & Tobacco Use

statistics  groups  quitting  smoking  CDC  data  stop smoking  quit smoking  dangers of smoking  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  commercial  effects of smoking  ad  Tips From Former Smokers  Tips from a Former Smoker  tips campaign  former smoker  cold turkey  Office on Smoking and Health  OSH 

Smoking-related statistics, information, and quitting resources for specific groups. Part of the Tips from Former Smokers campaign, which features real people suffering as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

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Seasonal Influenza (Flu) Information for Specific Groups

flu  information  seasonal  asthma  diabetes  groups  pregnancy  parents  influenza  stroke  heart disease  schools and childcare providers  workplace  high risk groups 

Information about flu for specific groups including parents, schools and childcare providers, businesses and employers, high risk persons with chronic illnesses, and pregnant women - CDC

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Considerations for Specific Groups

groups  bullying  considerations  stop bullying  bullying risk groups  bullying risk population  school violence risk groups  teasing risk groups 

Children perceived as 'different' are at higher risk for bullying.

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