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Human Growth Hormone and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Resource List

symptoms  risk  prevalence  therapy  incidence  hormones  Endocrine Diseases  Endocrine Diseases and Disorders  Correlation  CJD  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease  Pituitary Gland  hGH and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 

Provides links to information on the connection between human growth hormones and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and to support organizations and journal articles.?

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Iodine: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals

vitamin  nutrition  thyroid  dietary supplement  salt  iodide  iodine  fact sheet  nutrient  hormones  iodized  mineral 

Find out what iodine is and what it does in your body, what foods provide it, and about iodine supplements.

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cancer  exercise  therapy  depression  obesity  suicide  abuse  stress  medicine  heart disease  women's health  trauma  mental health  menopause  sexual assault  Postpartum depression  Mental Illness  perimenopause  hormones  menstrual cycle 

Learn about how depression is diagnosed, treated, and affects other aspects of your life, from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Reproductive health and mental health

exercise  pregnancy  support  depression  nutrition  medication  sleep  breastfeeding  physical activity  women's health  mental health  menopause  reproductive health  perimenopause  hormones  menstrual cycle  eating disorders  bipolar disorder  mood swings 

Learn ways to help your mental and reproductive health from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Stress and your health

exercise  anxiety  therapy  depression  nutrition  obesity  stress  meditation  high blood pressure  mental health  discrimination  headaches  PTSD  Women’s health  traumatic events  well-being  upset stomach  hormones  stretching  adrenaline 

Learn how stress can help or hurt you and tips for dealing with too much stress.

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Early or premature menopause

smoking  medicines  menopause  Women’s health  hormones  early menopause  premature menopause  hysterectomy  follicle-stimulating hormone 

Smoking and certain medicines or treatment can cause menopause to come earlier than usual.

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Your menstrual cycle and your health

pregnant  pregnancy  menopause  hormones  menstrual cycle  period problems 

Learn how irregular, painful, or heavy periods, can affect your health or make it harder to get pregnant.

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