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Office of Research Reporting and Analysis (ORRA)

research  reporting  office  analysis  ORRA 

Provides data and reporting support for grants processing for NIH and other agencies (HHS Operating Divisions and the Veterans’ Administration) and works with the user community to provide efficient techniques for the conduct of extramural business. This effort is intended to guide the management of the NIH research portfolio and improve the nation's health.

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Tracking and Reporting Foodborne Disease Outbreaks - CDC Features

features  disease  outbreaks  foodborne  CDC  tracking  reporting 

Many outbreaks result from food being contaminated when it is being prepared or served by a food worker with unwashed or improperly washed hands. Scientific evidence shows that preventing illness begins with the basics. Wash your hands thoroughly, with soap, before and after handling food. It can prevent illness and even death.

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QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged ≥18 Years with Hypertension Reporting Treatment* and Control† of Their Condition,§ by Race/Ethnicity — United States, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011–2012

health  survey  treatment  adults  states  years  control  national  quickstats  percentage  hypertension  nutrition  examination  reporting  their  condition  raceethnicity 

* Currently taking medication to lower blood pressure, based on affirmative responses to the following questions: "Because of your high blood pressure/hypertension, have you ever been told to take prescribed medicine?" and "Are you now following this advice to take prescribed medicine?" among those with hypertension.

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