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Your Kidneys & How They Work

blood  patients  bladder  Kidney Disease  filter  Anatomy  Urine  Urinary Tract  Kidneys  health professionals  general public  minerals  hormones  Glomerulus  Tubule  Nephron  Electrolytes  Glomeruli  renal system  blood flow 

Learn how your kidneys filter blood, why kidneys are important, and how kidneys help maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals in your body.

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Glomerular Diseases

symptoms  patients  kidney  diagnosis  pathology  Diagnostic Tests  bacterial infections  Kidney Disease  Physiology  Anatomy  Kidney Diseases  general public  Diabetic Nephropathy  Glomerulosclerosis  Glomerulonephritis  Kidney Glomerulus  end stage renal disease  Glomerular Diseases 

Defines the two major categories of glomerular diseases––glomerulosclerosis and glomerulonephritis––and describes how they interfere with kidney function.

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The Urinary Tract & How It Works

patients  bladder  ureter  Kidney Disease  Excretion  Urodynamics  Physiology  Anatomy  Urologic Diseases  Urine  Urinary Tract  Urethra  Kidneys  Ureters  general public  urinary  tract 

Describes how the urinary tract works, why it’s important, what affects the amount of urine produced, and how to keep the urinary tract healthy.

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