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Tratamiento del cáncer de vejiga (PDQ®)–Versión para profesionales de salud

bladder cancer 

Resumen de información revisada por expertos acerca del tratamiento del cáncer de vejiga.

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Bladder Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version

cancer  health  treatment  version  professional  bladder  bladder cancer 

Bladder cancer treatment options depend on if it is nonmuscle or muscle invasive and may include surgery, BCG, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. Get detailed information about the diagnosis and treatment of newly diagnosed and recurrent bladder cancer in this summary for clinicians.

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Bladder and Other Urothelial Cancers Screening (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version

health  screening  version  professional  bladder  cancers  urothelial  bladder cancer  disease screening 

Bladder and other urothelial cancers screening lacks evidence to show a reduction in mortality from these cancers. Get detailed information about urothelial cancer risk factors and screening tests in this clinician summary.

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