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Choline: Fact Sheet for Consumers

nutrition  dietary supplement  alzheimer's disease  neurological disorder  cardiovascular disease  fact sheet  folate  supplement  nutrient  B-complex  NAFLD  folate-deficiency  choline  peripheral artery disease 

Find out what choline is and what it does in your body, what foods provide it, and about choline supplements.

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Memory and Healthy Aging | CDC Features

dementia  mental health  alzheimer's disease  aging  CDC Features  Memory  healthy aging 

Some declines in memory are a normal part of aging, but sometimes they can signal a problem. Learn how to tell the difference.

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Neurological Diseases and Disorders

health  research  science  global  environment  alzheimer's disease  Global Health  global environmental health  geh  health impacts of climate change  neurological diseases and disorders  Alzheimer's  Parkinson’s disease  Parkinson's 

Neurological diseases and disorders are those that affect the brain, including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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