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Outbreak of Campylobacteriosis Associated with aLong-Distance Obstacle Adventure Race - Nevada, October2012

october  nevada  outbreak  associated  campylobacteriosis  alongdistance  obstacle  adventure  race 

Mariah Zeigler, DVM1, Chad Claar, MPH1, Daviesha Rice, MPH1, Jack Davis, PhD1, Tammy Frazier1, Alex Turner1, Corinna Kelley1, Jonathan Capps1, Andrea Kent1, Valerie Hubbard1, Christiana Ritenour1, Cristina Tuscano1, Zuwen Qiu-Shultz, MPH2, Collette Fitzgerald Leaumont, PhD3 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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H7N9 Update - October 28, 2013

october  update  china  H7N9 influenza virus  sporadic human infections  2013  seasonal pattern 

Rare, sporadic human infections with H7N9 in China have been reported since the end of May, following a surge of more than 130 cases with illness onset during the month of April - CDC

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