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The A1C Test & Race/Ethnicity

gallstones  african  patients  anemia  red blood cells  Diagnostic Tests  Blood Glucose  blood disorder  sickle cell disease  african american  asian  hispanic  variant  hemoglobin  blood sugar  A1C  hypoglycemia  hyperglycemia  diabetes test  A1C Test 

Overview of hemoglobin variants that can affect A1C test results, and how to ensure your diabetes is well controlled if you have one of these variants.

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The A1C Test & Diabetes

diabetes  testing  patients  diagnosis  management  Diabetes Mellitus  Diagnostic Tests  Blood Glucose  Blood test  health professionals  general public  hemoglobin A1c  hemoglobin  prediabetes  blood sugar  glucose tolerance test  A1C  standards  At Risk  Assessment Tool 

Learn what the A1C test is, how it works and is used to diagnose and monitor type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, when it doesn’t work, and how A1C relates to eAG.

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Diabetes Tests & Diagnosis

diabetes  patients  general public  A1C  Diagnostic tests for diabetes  fasting plasma glucose  FPG  fasting blood sugar  oral glucose tolerance  OGTT  random plasma glucose  RPG  glucose challenge test  diabetes test 

Learn when you should get a diabetes test; which tests you may receive, such as the A1C or oral glucose tolerance test; and how to prepare for each test.

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Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers: Use Them to Manage Your Diabetes

diabetes  patients  cholesterol  Blood Glucose  general public  A1C  Living with or Managing 

Why you should know your blood sugar numbers, how to check your blood sugar levels, target levels, what to do if your levels are too low or too high.

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Putting the Brakes on Diabetes Complications | CDC Features

diabetes  smoking  stroke  heart disease  high blood pressure  Kidney Disease  CDC Features  gestational diabetes  type 2  CKD  type 1  healthy lifestyle  A1C  retinopathy  neuropathy  eye disease  manage ABCs  prevent complications 

Encouraging news: People with diabetes are living longer, healthier lives with fewer complications. What’s the driving force? Greater awareness and better control of risk factors are moving the needle.

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