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Epstein-Barr and Mononucleosis - About Infectious Mononucleosis

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Infectious mononucleosis is a contagious illness sometimes called mono. Learn about its symptoms, transmission, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

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Meningococcal Vaccines for Preteens, Teens | CDC Features

features  disease  help  protect  meningitis  against  CDC  teen  preteen  meningococcal  CDC Features  bacterial meningitis  Meningococcal Vaccine  Meningococcal Disease  kissing disease  meningitis vaccination  meningitis immunization  preteen vaccine  World Meningitis Day  preteen immunization 

Talk with your teen’s clinician about meningococcal vaccination to help protect your child’s health. Meningococcal disease is a very serious illness where death can occur in as little as a few hours.

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