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pregnancy  baby  infant  newborn  breastfeeding  women's health 

Check out our Breastfeeding section for the information you need to make an informed choice. Don’t forget to come back to the Pregnancy section for more great information on getting ready for parenthood.

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Newborn care and safety

baby  infant  sudden infant death syndrome  sids  newborn  breastfeeding  crib death  Women’s health  infant health  newborn care  newborn health 

Learn steps to get yourself ready for taking care of your newborn from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Your baby's first hours of life

evaluation  baby  infant  hepatitis b  newborn  breastfeeding  women's health  eye care  hearing tests  bonding  apgar  Vitamin K shot  newborn metabolic screening  complete checkup 

Get tips from the Office on Women’s Health to be ready to bond with your new bundle of joy.

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Recovering from birth

pregnancy  baby  infant  birth  newborn  breastfeeding  women's health  Postpartum depression  Healthy Weight  uterus  birth recovery  new mothers  rest  physical changes  vaginal discharge  constipated  menstrual-like cramping  thyroid problems 

New mothers must take special care of their bodies after giving birth and while breastfeeding, too.

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Eat Healthy While Breastfeeding: Quick tips

pregnancy  newborn  Health Topics  breast feeding  newborn health  breast feed  pregnancy nutrition  newborn nutrition  baby health  do i have to eat meat everyday while breastfeeding  importance of folic acid  healthfinder  ODPHP  Health tools 

Breastfeeding has many health benefits for moms and babies. Share these tips to help breastfeeding moms get the nutrients they need.

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FAQ About Newborn Screening

screening  newborn  FAQ  nhgri 

Newborn screening tests use a dried blood sample collected during the first week after birth to measure the presence of disease biomarkers (a measurable substance or characteristic that is indicative of a disease).

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Newborn Screening: Saving Lives for 50 Years | CDC Features

CDC  newborn  saving lives 

This year marks 50 years of saving lives through newborn screening. How much do you know about newborn screening? Take our quiz to find out.

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