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Asian Americans and Hepatitis B | CDC Features

CDC  testing  hepatitis b  asia  Liver Disease  Blood test  CDC Features  Asian Americans  Pacific Islanders  AAPI  API  Pacific Islands  CDC hepatitis B  chronic Hepatitis B  viral hepatitis  liver cancer  Hepatitis Awareness Month  Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

Hepatitis B affects 1 in 12 Asian Americans; most don’t know it. Talk to a doctor about getting tested for Hepatitis B if you or your parents were born in Asia or the Pacific Islands.

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Learn the ABCs of Hepatitis | CDC Features

viral  features  vaccination  vaccine  hepatitis  CDC  hepatitis b  abcs  hepatitis c  Liver Disease  CDC Features  chronic Hepatitis B  viral hepatitis  liver cancer  Hepatitis A  risk assessment  Hepatitis Awareness Month  Hepatitis Testing Day  testing recommendations 

For Hepatitis Awareness Month and national Hepatitis Testing Day on May 19th, learn more about the different types of viral hepatitis. Find out if you should get tested or vaccinated by taking a quick, online Hepatitis Risk Assessment.

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