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Preventing Chronic Disease | Evaluation Design of New YorkCity's Regulations on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Screen Timein Early Child Care Centers - CDC

CDC  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  observation  Health Policy  methods  Evaluation Studies  Evaluation Design  Self Report  Questionnaires 

This article describes the multi-method cross-sectional design used to evaluate New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s regulations of nutrition, physical activity, and screen time for children aged 3 years or older in licensed group child care centers.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | Physical Activity Surveillance in Parks Using Direct Observation - CDC

public health  environment  CDC  surveillance  physical activity  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  observation 

Primary features of observational public health surveillance instruments are that they are valid, can reliably estimate physical activity behaviors, and are useful across diverse geographic settings and seasons by different users. Previous studies have reported the validity and reliability of Systematic Observation of Play and Recreation in Communities (SOPARC) to estimate park and user characteristics. The purpose of this investigation was to establish the use of SOPARC as a surveillance instrument and to situate the findings from the study in the context of the previous literature.

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