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Leaving an abusive relationship

abuse  counseling  Intimate Partner Violence  domestic violence  abusive relationship  Women’s health  support groups  violent relationship  safety plan  Restraining order  unsafe relationship  leaving an abusive relationship  women’s shelter 

No one should feel unsafe. If you’re thinking of leaving an abusive relationship, a safety plan can help.

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Bulimia nervosa

medicine  mental health  dehydration  Constipation  Ulcers  miscarriage  anger  premature birth  Women’s health  support groups  Postpartum depression  throwing up  Acid reflux  Binge Eating Disorder  irregular periods  gastrointestinal problems  C-Section  eating disorder  hopelessness  sadness 

Learn about bulimia nervosa, including how it is treated and how it affects women, from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Anorexia nervosa

anxiety  depression  nutrition  breastfeeding  medicine  anemia  mental health  miscarriage  Kidney Stones  premature birth  kidney failure  Women’s health  support groups  Body image  heart problems  Postpartum depression  Low birth weight  underweight  osteopenia  Self-esteem 

Learn about anorexia nervosa, including how it is treated, from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Getting treatment

recovery  doctor  treatments  mental health  counselor  Women’s health  support groups  Substance Abuse  Getting treatment  mental health professional  employee assistance  self-help  public assistance  veterans affairs 

Learn about getting treatment for a mental health condition, an important step toward recovery, from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Support for Patients and Families

support  registry  clinical trials  disease registry  advocacy  support groups  Genetic Disorders  non-profit/community and advocacy organizations  rare diseases  Rare disorders  Genetic Disease  Patient Advocacy  family support 

Individuals and families affected by rare medical conditions might look to nonprofit support and advocacy groups for different reasons. Some may want to find other people who understand how having the condition affects their lives. Others are searching for medical information, treatment options, the latest research, or financial aid resources. This guide will help you learn more about the different types of information and services offered by nonprofit support and advocacy groups.

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