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Safe Injection Practices - Injections Safety

outbreaks  guidelines  recommendations  CDC  HBV  HCV  safe injection practices  single-use  HICPAC  ambulatory care facilities  CSF  clinics  medical practice  reinsertion  used needles  multiple-dose vial  disposable needle  single-dose vial  lumbar puncture  post-myelography meningitis 

This page illustrates Sections III.A.1.b, III.A.1.c, IV.H, and IV.I from the 2007 Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings

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Preventing Unsafe Injection Practices - Injection Safety

guidelines  transmission  facemask  bloodborne pathogens  clinical reminder  fingerstick devices  glucose  AMBG  long-term care  facilities  reusable devices  single-use  bacterial meningitis  healthcare settings  infection transmission 

This page links to the complete guidelines for isolation precautions and excerpts from it related to injection safety along with CDC clinical reminders about baterial meningitis risk for spinal injection without a facemask and bloodborne pathogen transmission risk for using fingerstick devices on more than one person.

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