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Environmental Risk Factors for Myositis in Military Personnel Study

health  research  science  north carolina  myositis  veterans  military  volunteer  clinical study  recruitment  open study  Durham  Raleigh  RTP  autoimmune disease 

The goal of this research study is to compare persons who developed myositis during active duty to military personnel without autoimmune or muscle diseases, to assess risk factors for myositis.

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Abuse, trauma, and mental health

anxiety  depression  abuse  insomnia  women's health  trauma  mental health  anger  military  emotional abuse  sexual abuse  verbal abuse  military sexual trauma  trouble sleeping  alcohol and drug abuse 

Learn how abuse and trauma can affect your mental health from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Epilepsy in Veterans | CDC Features

epilepsy  stress  seizures  distress  psychological  trauma  mental health  CDC Features  veterans  military  soldiers  veterans day  va  veterans administration  ptsd tbi  pines 

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and November 11 is Veterans Day. Veterans are at higher risk of developing epilepsy. Learn more about resources to help Veterans and families.

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Military Service Members & Veterans - For Specific Groups - Tips From Former Smokers - Smoking & Tobacco Use

statistics  quitting  smoking  CDC  data  stop smoking  quit smoking  dangers of smoking  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  veterans  military  commercial  effects of smoking  ad  Tips From Former Smokers  Tips from a Former Smoker  tips campaign  former smoker  cold turkey  Office on Smoking and Health 

Smoking-related statistics, information, and quitting resources specific to military service members and veterans. Part of the Tips from Former Smokers campaign, which features real people suffering as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

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CDC Features - A New, Balanced, and Collaborative Approach to Drug Control | CDC Features

prevention  tribal  women  substance  marijuana  driving  abuse  drugs  CDC Features  illicit  prescription  drugged  veterans  military  Native Americans 

The new 2010 National Drug Control Strategy offers a balanced and collaborative approach to drug control. Send an eCard today to remind your friends and family of the harmful consequences of substance abuse.

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Environmental Risk Factors for the Development of Myositis in Military Personnel

health  research  science  environment  maryland  clinical  study  DC  patient  bethesda  myositis  environmental risk factors  military  volunteer  clinical study  recruitment  open study 

This study attempts to determine if environmental and geographic exposures may be related to the development of myositis during military service and to obtain an initial understanding of the possible mechanisms involved.

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