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carbon monoxide  health  asthma  kids  environment  water  radon  EMF  x-rays  environmental exposures  ozone  arsenic  mercury  environmental health  pollution  lead poisoning  nature  MRI  quotations 

Educational information for kids about pollution is presented by NIEHS.

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ATSDR Stories from the Field | CDC Features

assessment  mercury  CDC Features  environmental health  chemical exposure 

Learn how scientists at ATSDR work around the clock to keep you safe.

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Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents

lead  asbestos  dioxins  arsenic  mercury  cabs  toxfaqs  pcb  tce  perchlorate 

By Congressional mandate, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) produces "toxicological profiles" for hazardous substances found at National Priorities List (NPL) sites.

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health  research  science  pregnancy  environment  skin  environmental agents  mercury  ntp  toxicology  breath  fish  metal 

Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is a naturally-occurring metal that is toxic to living organisms.

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health  research  science  children  vaccine  environment  child  diseases  communication  conditions  autism  asd  mercury  autism spectrum disorder 

Autism, also known as ASD, is a spectrum of disorders that causes impairment in social interaction, as well as the presence of repetitive, restricted behaviors and interests.

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