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Research Funded by NIEHS - Division of Extramural Research and Training

health  science  environment  training programs  research funded by niehs  dert  grant opportunities 

NIEHS funds a substantial portfolio of research in the field of environmental health sciences conducted by investigators in many disciplines from various organizations. These research activities span the range from basic mechanistic research to clinical and epidemiologic studies using human subjects. NIEHS-supported investigators are currently determining how environmental agents cause or exacerbate a variety of human diseases. NIEHS is also committed to developing the next generation of environmental health scientists by supporting a variety of interdisciplinary training programs.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | Training the Workforce in Evidence-Based Public Health: An Evaluation of Impact Among US and International Practitioners - CDC

education  CDC  training programs  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  Public Health Practice  evidence-based practice  public health professional education  health workforce  public health schools 

The Prevention Research Center in St. Louis developed a course on evidence-based public health in 1997 to train the public health workforce in implementation of evidence-based public health. The objective of this study was to assess use and benefits of the course and identify barriers to using evidence-based public health skills as well as ways to improve the course.

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