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Pets and Animals

health  research  science  bird  allergens  environment  animals  pets  allergy  environmental agents  breathing  CAT  dog  breath  rabbit  bunny  dander 

Many people think animal allergies are caused by the fur or feathers of their pet.

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health  research  science  asthma  allergens  environment  allergy  environmental agents  ragweed pollen  grass pollen  tree pollen  irritants  breathing  breath  flowers  weeds  tree 

Ragweed and other weeds such as curly dock, lambs quarters, pigweed, plantain, sheep sorrel and sagebrush are some of the most prolific producers of pollen allergens

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6 Things To Know About Complementary Health Approaches for Seasonal Allergy Relief

alternative  tips  complementary  nih  acupuncture  allergy  integrative  CAM  nccih  nccam  probiotics  seasonal allergies  complementary and alternative medicine  nasal irrigation  seasonal allergy  pollen  butterbur  honey  allergic rhinitis 

See these tips before trying complementary health approaches for your seasonal allergies. And don't forget to talk with your health care provider.

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Cold, Flu, or Allergy? - Cold, Flu, or Allergy? Know the Difference for Best Treatment

flu  influenza  cold  allergy 

You’re feeling pretty lousy. You’ve got sniffles, sneezing, and a sore throat. Is it a cold, flu, or allergies? It can be hard to tell them apart because they share so many symptoms. But understanding the differences will help you choose the best treatment.

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