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Porphyrias are diseases that occur when the body has problems making heme. Acute porphyrias affect the nervous system; cutaneous porphyrias affect the skin.

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Aplastic Anemia

blood  anemia  red blood cells  White Blood Cells  blood disorders  platelets  bone marrow 

Aplastic anemia occurs because of damage to stem cells inside bone marrow, which is the sponge-like tissue within your bones. Many diseases and conditions can damage the stem cells in bone marrow. As a result, the bone marrow makes fewer red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

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Fanconi Anemia

blood  anemia  blood disorders  bone marrow 

Fanconi anemia is an inherited disease caused by mutations in certain genes, known as FA genes. These genes provide instructions to help the body repair certain types of DNA damage. The cells of healthy people often repair DNA damage, but cells affected by Fanconi anemia cannot make these repairs. In people who have Fanconi anemia, certain cells may die or stop working properly.

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