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How to help a friend who is being abused

support  anxiety  depression  abuse  domestic violence  Women’s health  safety plan  welfare check 

Learn what to say and do, and what not to say and do, to help a friend who is being abused.

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Leaving an abusive relationship

abuse  counseling  Intimate Partner Violence  domestic violence  abusive relationship  Women’s health  support groups  violent relationship  safety plan  Restraining order  unsafe relationship  leaving an abusive relationship  women’s shelter 

No one should feel unsafe. If you’re thinking of leaving an abusive relationship, a safety plan can help.

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Effects of domestic violence on children

children  abuse  trauma  mental health  domestic violence  emotional abuse  Women’s health  cognitive behavioral therapy  cbt  verbal abuse  domestic violence support person  safety plan 

Domestic violence can have long-term effects on children. Learn tips from the Office on Women’s Health about what you can do to protect your child.

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