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Help with Travel Costs

cancer  children  travel  clinical trial  veterans  transportation  Genetic Disorders  rare diseases  Rare disorders  financial help  Genetic Disease  Financial Aid  lodging 

People who have a rare medical condition often need to travel to receive care at a special medical center or to take part in a research study. The following resources can help with travel and lodging costs. These organizations provide information about free or discounted land or air travel, specialized medical care during transport, and supportive lodging options.

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Tips for Finding Financial Aid

health costs  health insurance  reduce medical costs  dental costs  Genetic Disorders  rare diseases  medical costs  Rare disorders  financial help  Genetic Disease  Financial Aid 

The cost of care for rare medical conditions can place a significant financial burden on families. The following resources may help you find the financial support you need.

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Financial Help for Diabetes Care

diabetes  patients  health insurance  medicaid  transplantation  Patient Care Management  Diabetes Mellitus  Medicare  CHIP  Equipment and Supplies  dialysis  general public  insulin  prescription drugs  Part A  Financial Aid  Obamacare  Hospital Care  Managed Care  Diabetes costs 

Lists private health insurance, government health insurance, and other health care services for people with diabetes, plus helpful organizations or resources.

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