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The A1C Test & Race/Ethnicity

gallstones  african  patients  anemia  red blood cells  Diagnostic Tests  Blood Glucose  blood disorder  sickle cell disease  african american  asian  hispanic  variant  hemoglobin  blood sugar  A1C  hypoglycemia  hyperglycemia  diabetes test  A1C Test 

Overview of hemoglobin variants that can affect A1C test results, and how to ensure your diabetes is well controlled if you have one of these variants.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

diabetes  patients  blood sugar  hypoglycemia  low blood glucose  hyperglycemia  Continuous glucose monitoring system  CGM  glucose testing  glucose sensor  high blood glucose  nocturnal hypoglycemia 

Learn about continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for diabetes—how they work, who can use one, and when a CGM could help to better manage the disease.

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Low Blood Glucose (Hypoglycemia)

diabetes  patients  general public  insulin  hypoglycemia  severe hypoglycemia  hypoglycemia unawareness  hypoglycemia symptoms  Blood Glucose Monitoring  low blood glucose  Blood Glucose Levels  low blood sugar  glucose gel  glucose tablets  Diabetes Medicines  Glucagon  blood glucose target  Complications or Advanced 

Read about symptoms, causes, and treatment of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes. Learn the steps you can take to prevent hypoglycemia.

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It's Your Life. Treat Your Diabetes Well. | Features | CDC

diabetes  depression  physical activity  CDC Features  healthy food  insulin  type 2  type 1  health care team  hypoglycemia  diabetes meal plan  blood sugar testing 

November is National Diabetes Month. Here's to managing your diabetes for a longer healthier life.

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