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Hepatitis D

patients  hepatitis b  liver  Liver Disease  liver cancer  coinfection  liver failure  hepatitis B virus  Hepatitis D  Cirrhosis  hepatitis D virus  acute hepatitis D  chronic hepatitis D  hepatitis B infection  superinfection  hepatitis D tests  hepatitis D treatment  hepatitis D transmission 

Overview of hepatitis D, an infection that only occurs with hepatitis B and causes liver inflammation and damage. Hepatitis D can be acute or chronic.

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What Is Viral Hepatitis?

hepatitis b  liver  hepatitis c  Liver Disease  viral hepatitis  Hepatitis A  Hepatitis E  Hepatitis D  acute hepatitis  chronic hepatitis  non-AE hepatitis  hepatitis X  Viral Hepatitis General 

Researchers have discovered several viruses that cause hepatitis, including hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. The infection can cause liver inflammation and damage.

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World Hepatitis Day | CDC Features

features  vaccination  vaccine  hepatitis  who  day  CDC  world  hepatitis b  Liver Disease  CDC Features  chronic Hepatitis B  viral hepatitis  liver cancer  Hepatitis A  Hepatitis E  risk assessment  testing recommendations  world hepatitis day  World Hepatitis Day 

Know Hepatitis. Act Now. For World Hepatitis Day, learn more about the different types of viral that impact millions worldwide, and what you can do.

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