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Preventing Chronic Disease | Recommendations forImplementing Policy, Systems, and Environmental Improvements toAddress Chronic Diseases in Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, andPacific Islanders - CDC

exercise  eating  CDC  obesity  Asian Americans  Pacific Islanders  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  beverages  physical fitness  Nutrition Assessment  evidence-based medicine  Public-Private Partnerships  PSE 

Emphasis has increased recently on disseminating high-impact, population-wide strategies for the prevention of chronic diseases. However, such strategies are typically not effective at reaching Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, or other underserved communities. The objectives of this article were to 1) present the methods of the Strategies to Reach and Implement the Vision of Health Equity program in which 15 community-based organizations in the United States and the Pacific region implemented evidence-based policy, systems, and environmental improvements in their local communities and 2) provide recommendations for using these tailored approaches in other communities and geographic locations. Further support is needed for organizations in tailoring these types of population-wide strategies. Implementing population health improvements should be adapted to maximize effectiveness to decrease chronic diseases in these populations and ultimately eliminate racial/ethnic health disparities.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | A Tool for Rating Chronic Disease Prevention and Public Health Interventions - CDC

CDC  obesity  health promotion  program evaluation  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  Public Health Practice  evidence-based medicine 

Bridging the gap between research and practice requires more than evaluating the effectiveness of interventions in controlled studies. To bridge this gap, evidence needs to be defined in different ways, and opportunities need to be provided for practice-based evidence to be replicated and disseminated.

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Preventing Chronic Disease | Partnering with Health Care Systems to Assess Tobacco Treatment Practices and Beliefs Among Clinicians: Evaluating the Process - CDC

health  disease  treatment  chronic  assess  practices  tobacco  smoking  CDC  among  partnering  care  systems  clinicians  beliefs  evaluating  process  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  practice guidelines 

Tobacco is a major cause of preventable illness and death. However, clinician use of an evidence-based guideline for treatment of tobacco use is low. This case study describes the process for conducting a pre-intervention assessment of clinician practices and beliefs regarding treatment of tobacco use.

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