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6|18 State Medicaid Agency Activities

asthma  diabetes  tobacco  healthcare  interventions  preventive  high blood pressure  Healthcare-associated Infections  health system  Unintended Pregnancy  6|18  6/18  6 and 18  high-burden  evidence-based  health conditions 

CDC is partnering with health care purchasers, payers, and providers to improve health and control health care costs. CDC provides these partners with rigorous evidence about our Nation’s highest burden health conditions and associated interventions to inform their decisions to have the greatest health and cost impact.

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Vital Signs - Binge Drinking: A Serious,Under-Recognized Problem Among Women and Girls

drinking  sudden infant death syndrome  sids  heart disease  Sexually Transmitted Diseases  breast cancer  Binge Drinking  CDC Vital Signs  fasd  fetal alcohol spectrum disorders  Unintended Pregnancy  dangerous behavior  deaths in women and girls  Drinking during pregnancy 

CDC Vital Signs links science, policy, and communications with the intent of communicating a call-to-action for the public. CDC Vital Signs provides the most recent, comprehensive data on key indicators of important health topics.

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