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Healthy Schools, Successful Students | CDC Features

students  children  school  schools  nutrition  physical activity  CDC Features  healthy schools  health and academics  back to school  Recess Kids 

Promoting healthy behavior in schools can help students improve test scores, grades, and attendance.

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Put Vaccination on Your Back-to-School List | Features | CDC

vaccination  vaccine  vaccines  meningitis  pertussis  HPV  tetanus  teen  preteen  tdap  diphtheria  CDC Features  flu vaccine  Whooping Cough  Adolescent  Meningococcal Vaccine  HPV vaccine  human papillomavirus  HPV cancer  back to school 

When you’re getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year, make sure to include back-to-school vaccine appointments on your checklist.

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Put "HPV Cancer Prevention" on Your Back-to-School Checklist. | CDC Features

teens  vaccination  women  kids  vaccines  immunization  preteens  HPV  girls  vaccinations  cervical cancer  cancer prevention  anal cancer  CDC Features  HPV vaccine  human papillomavirus  Gardasil  HPV-related cancers  HPV cancer  back to school 

HPV vaccine can prevent certain cancers and other diseases caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Get your girls and your boys vaccinated at 11 or 12, or as soon as possible if they're already 13 or older.

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