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Preventing Chronic Disease | Expansion of Electronic HealthRecord-Based Screening, Prevention, and Management of Diabetes inNew York City - CDC

CDC  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  electronic health records  EHR 

To address the increasing burden of diabetes in New York City, we designed 2 electronic health records (EHRs)-facilitated diabetes management systems to be implemented in 6 primary care practices on the West Side of Manhattan, a standard system and an enhanced system. The standard system includes screening for diabetes.

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Healthy Aging 2.0: the potential of new media and technology.

CDC  Preventing Chronic Disease  PCD  EHR 

The emergence of e-patients (consumers who use the Internet and electronic communication tools to research and communicate about medical conditions) has spawned the era of “Healthy Aging 2.0” to support chronic disease management.

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