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Have questions about non-tobacco nicotine (NTN), commonly called “synthetic” nicotine, products? Learn more about NTN products and how FDA regulates them: via @FDATobacco.

Non-Tobacco Nicotine (NTN): FDA Regulation and Enforcement

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Powwow dancer Ba’ac is Native strong and vape-free because he knows teens are more likely to vape if they see others using vapes. Visit @NextLegends to learn about the dangers of vaping.

Next Legends: Ba’ac

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The @NextLegends campaign is highlighting facts around the dangers of vaping, and hopes to encourage American Indian and Alaska Native youth to be vape-free. Learn more at

Next Legends: Visit

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Lorraine is Native strong and vape-free because she’s seen firsthand how nicotine in vapes can cause addiction. Check out the @NextLegends campaign to learn more about the dangers of vaping.

Next Legends: Lorraine

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Smoking cigarettes can cause eye diseases that can lead to vision loss and blindness, like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Learn more about how smoking affects your eyes: via @FDATobacco.

Eye Health: Vision Loss

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¿Está buscando materiales GRATUITOS para ayudar a los fumadores adultos en su proceso de dejar de fumar para siempre? Conozca cómo puede solicitar carteles o pósteres educativos para dejar de fumar, en inglés y español: de la @FDATobacco.

Free Posters from CTP (Spanish)

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Looking for FREE materials to support adult smokers on their journey to quit cigarettes for good? Learn how you can request co-branded smoking cessation education posters in English and Spanish: via @FDATobacco.

Free Posters from CTP

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¿Busca recursos en español sobre cómo dejar de fumar? Visite de la @FDATobacco.

Spanish Resources: Visit

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FDA supports science and research to better understand tobacco use and associated risks so that we can reduce the public health burden of tobacco use in the United States. Learn more about tobacco science and research: via @FDATobacco.

About CTP: CTP's Research

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Each quit attempt is a step forward. Learn what to expect when you quit smoking here: via @FDATobacco.

Cessation: What to Expect

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There’s no such thing as safe tobacco. All tobacco products can lead to nicotine addiction and contain toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that can cause serious health problems. Get free resources to help you quit for good: via @FDATobacco.

Cessation: Text Support

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Celebrate your heritage by staying healthy. Get free resources on how to become or stay smoke-free at via @FDATobacco.

Health Equity: Stay Healthy

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Nicotine exposure during adolescence affects brain functions important for reward processing, which makes it easier for youth to become addicted to nicotine. Learn more: via @FDATobacco.

Youth: Signs of Addiction

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Many teens underestimate how easy it is to become addicted to nicotine. Learn more about what FDA is doing to combat youth tobacco use. via @FDATobacco.

Youth: Nicotine Addiction

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Smoking before, during and after pregnancy can harm a baby’s health. Learn how smoking can affect your pregnancy: via @FDATobacco.

Reproductive Health: Pregnancy

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